Poster Session II, Theme 2: Euphotic Zone Production/Export chaired by Patrick Monfray

H. de Baar, Trace metals in the ocean: Evolution, biology and global change

Robert A. Davenport, Investigation of the productivity gradient off NW Africa using SeaWiFS imagery, sediment traps and analysis of surface sediments

John Dunne, Empirical and predictive models for the particle export ratio


L.W. Juranek, Gross primary productivity rates at HOT and BATS determined by the triple isotope composition of dissolved oxygen


Sanjeev Kumar, 15N- based productivity and f ratio for the Bay of Bengal during a poor monsoon season-2002


Phoebe J. Lam, Large volume in-situ filtration during SOFeX: The fate of particles in the upper 1000m


M. Madhupratap, Carbon transfer and food web dynamics of the Arabian Sea       


James W. Murray, Estimation of new production in high nitrate-low chlorophyll (HNLC) ocean regimes


M. Angelica Peńa, Modeling the response of the planktonic food web to iron fertilization and warming in the NE subarctic Pacific


Paul D. Quay, 13C/12C of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon: a means to close the carbon budgets at ALOHA and BATS 


Michael Roman, Relationships between meszooplankton biomass, primary production and vertical flux: A synthesis of oceanic data


Egil Sakshaug, Primary production in Arctic and sub-Arctic seas