Poster Session III, Theme 2: Deep Ocean/Benthos/Paleoceanography chaired by Anitra Ingalls


Roger Francois, What controls the flux of Ba to the deep-sea?


Anitra Ingalls, Prospects for radiocarbon dating diatom-bound organic compounds


W.R. Martin, Metabolically driven calcite dissolution in deep-sea sediments


O. Ragueneau, Calibration of biogenic silica (BSi) as a paleo productivity proxy: Towards a mechanistic understanding of BSi dissolution/preservation and Si/C decoupling in the world ocean


K. Seiter, A geostatistical approach for regionalization the TOC content in surface sediments - developing TOC-provinces on a global scale


Thomas Soltwedel, Multidisciplinary investigations at a deep-sea long-term station in polar regions


Robert Turnewitsch, Are asymmetric flow fields around kilometer-scale topographic seafloor elevations reflected in the sediment?