U.S. JGOFS Synthesis and Modeling Project
Principal Investigator Workshop
Woods Hole
July 22-26, 2002


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The meeting will be held in room 507 in the Clark Building on the Quissett Campus of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution starting at 8:30 am on July 22 and ending at noon on July 26. Continental breakfast will start at 7:30 a.m. each day.


This meeting's format includes only 2-4 plenary talks daily. The remainder of the meeting is devoted to poster sessions and discussion. All participants are encouraged to bring a poster display, and to submit an abstract to J Kleypas before July 15.

Most of the posterboards available for the meeting allow a 3´W x 4´H poster. There is also limited space for larger posters on the walls.

During the "POSTER INTRODUCTIONS" (on M,T,W,Th mornings) each presenter will have 3-5 minutes to introduce their poster. Each poster introduction will be allowed 1 (ONE) overhead; i.e., please plan to keep your introduction brief and to-the-point.


Lodging will be in 4 hotels:
The Holiday Inn, Jones Rd., Falmouth, ~5 miles from the meeting site
Ramada Inn at Falmouth Square, ~3 miles from the meeting site
Nautilus Motor Inn , Woods Hole, ~2 miles from the meeting site
Sands of Time Motor Inn, Woods Hole, ~2 miles from the meeting site.

The bus from the airport has stops close to the latter 3 hotels.

Mary Zawoysky will keep the "lodging list" so please make your room reservation with her by e-mail (mzawoysky@whoi.edu) or phone (508-289-2834) by June 1. We will pay for your hotel directly, other than incidental expenses.


Boston's Logan Airport is the closest airport with the most flights. Providence Airport is also convenient although with less bus service to Woods Hole. Flying into Hyannis Airport is also a possibility but is not recommended. You are encouraged to use Preferred Travel at 1-888-woods-14 or 1-888-966-3714 if you would like your ticket to be prepaid by the US JGOFS office. U.S. flag carriers must be used. Please make your air reservation by June 20 and copy mzawoysky@whoi.edu) on your itinerary. The US JGOFS office will reimburse your other travel expenses via a travel expense voucher that we will give out at the meeting.


Rental cars:  We will be able to fund a limited number of rental cars on a first come-first serve basis with the provision that you would be willing to transport others to and from the hotel/meeting site. Preferred Travel can arrange car rentals. Please also let Mary know if you would like to rent one so she can track the number of cars and get you a parking permit.

Bus service:  We have a good bus service from Logan Airport to Falmouth and Woods Hole. You might want to check the bus schedule before you make your flight to make sure the schedules mesh well. See the schedule for the Bonanza Bus Service at http://www.bonanzabus.com/logboswh.htm. Also a shuttle circulates around the WHOI buildings. The schedule is at http://www.whoi.edu. Click on General Information, then Visitor Information, then Local Information, then Shuttle Schedule.

Mileage will be reimbursed at the rate of 36.5 cents per mile.


There are local bike rental shops. Current rates are $80 per week or $18 a day. Mary Zawoysky can help you with this if you are interested.


Like last year, continental style breakfasts, buffet lunches, one reception on Monday evening and one modified clambake on Thursday evening will be provided. Anyone who has special dietary requirements, e.g., vegetarians, should let Mary know. For the meals we don't provide the per diem rates are:

Breakfast- $8
Lunch- $12
Dinner- $25

This logistical information was provided by Mary Zawoysky (mzawoysky@whoi.edu) - please contact her if you have any questions.