1997 Summer Synthesis and Modeling Workshop

The annual US JGOFS summer workshop will be held at Snowbird, Utah, July 28 to August 2 this year. Space has been reserved for 60 people.

The meeting last year in New Hampshire reviewed scientific progress in U.S. JGOFS and prepared an Implementation Plan for the Synthesis and Modeling Project.

The focus of this summer's meeting will be on synthesis and modeling of the U.S. JGOFS Time Series at Bermuda and Hawaii, and the time series aspects of the Process Studies. Pertinent aspects of other marine time series can also be examined. The workshop will seek to examine in detail three of the five principal elements of the SMP:

* Euphotic zone production and export of carbon and related biologically active substances

* Transport and remineralization of carbon and related biologically active substances

* Sediment diagenesis of carbon and related biologically active substances.

Emphasis will be on how to translate the observational constraints into biogeochemical models that are broadly representative of the important processes determining production, export and remineralization of organic carbon and related substances. We strongly encourage both modelers and observationalists to attend.

Interested participants should send applications including a statement of area of interest and a brief description of possible presentation topics to the U.S. JGOFS Planning Office. We will accept applications until March 31, and will finalize the participant list by May 15. The Planning Office will provide full support for all workshop attendees.

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