EqPac Principal Investigator
World Wide Web Home Pages


Some of the Equatorial Pacific Process Study investigators have Home Pages on the Web. Visit them for more information.

o  David Archer
at the University of Chicago

o  Robert Bidigare
Pigment and Production Group in Hawaii

o  Ken Buesseler
serves his thorium results from EqPac

o  Tommy Dickey
at the Ocean Physics Lab of UCSB

o  Pierre Flament
operates the Satellite Oceanography Lab at the University of Hawaii

o  Wilford Gardner
See his paper correlating Beam attenuation and Microplankton Abundance

o  Jim Murray
the Scientific coordinator of this process study

o  Ed Peltzer
at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

o  Mary Jo Richardson
is on-line at Texas A & M University

o  Ian Walsh
has a Web Page at Texas A & M University's Oceanography Department


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