Notes for the U.S. JGOFS merged data products

(13 May 2002)  Message from the Data Management Office (DMO):
These notes pertain to the merged data products generated by the DMO. Please contact us with any comments regarding this collection of data or the JGOFS customized LAS interface.


U.S. JGOFS Arabian Sea Trace Metal Free Bottle Merged Data Product

The depths reported in the "Arabian Sea Trace Metal Free Bottle" merged product are nominal depths recorded at the the time of sampling.   The six bottle rosette sampling package did not include a CTD.



U.S. JGOFS Southern Ocean Niskin Bottle Merged Data Product

Updated 28 February 2003:
Data added: from cruises NBP 96-5 and NBP 98-2; NBP 96-4 cast_type; NBP 97-8 POC_PON and Delta_N_C; RR6 Delta_N_C;



U.S. JGOFS Southern Ocean Trace Metal Free Bottle Merged Data Product

Depth data from Revelle 7:
Data from the Revelle 7 cruise was reported with only a nominal depth (rosette did not include a CTD).   Sample depths from other cruises which comprise this product, were caculated from the CTD pressure as noted in the supporting documentation for each cruise.

Updated 28 February 2003:
Added NBP 97-8 POC_PON data.



U.S. JGOFS Customized Live Access Server Interface

Known problems:

  • 031217. no known issues as of LAS v. 6.2.1

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