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Two days short of our inport, Muscat, finds us in moderate seastate we have enjoyed over the duration of our cruise. The seasoaring portion of the cruise was 100% successful and all objectives of the station cast/profiling portion were achieved after having chased out electronic goblins affecting several sensor systems. The CTD/Rosette package is now working flawlessly. In addition to stations completed as given in cruise plan, we made a series of casts at the inshore JGOFS Long Station, 18 08N;58 00E, and at inshore DISCOVERY Station, 19 00N;59 00E. We made additional 2000m CTD casts near WHOI mooring, JGOFS Long Station, and plan one more before end of cruise. Analyses of water from intercalibration cast obtained from DISCOVERY have been completed and of trends in CTD data obtained in 10-hour side-by-side tows of Seasoar and UOR. Data will further be compared inport, Muscat, on 19 December with DISCOVERY scientists. Most of us are healthy, but mild, flu-like symptoms have hit several scientific and ship crew members. Overall, it has been a highly successful and relatively uneventful cruise. Wishing all of you out there, A Merry Christmas, from all of us out here. david k. young is