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Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994  18:07:09 +0000 (GMT)

Sharon - Everything is going very well- we have made 2 deep CTD plus water casts in the Gulf of Oman and analyses run before commencing SeaSoaring. All underway sensors are functioning, and seawater sampling via seachest progressing well. We have been in communication with Peter aboard Discovery over the past several days. We will meet up with Discovery tomorrow, 12/5/94, at 1300 local. Because of ongoing SeaSoar ops we will be unable to stop ship to make simultaneous CTD casts. We have arranged with Peter to have Discovery take a 500m CTD cast before our arrival, split the water, transfer our subsamples via Zodiac, and perform duplicate analyses aboard Thompson. Analyses include nutrients and salts (Burt Jones), DOM and POM (Paula Coble), pigments and fluorescence (Dave Phinney) and HPLC (Rory Toon). Following the transfer, Discovery will follow Thompson track down the JGOFS line to compare CTD on their UOR undulating system (10 knots to 100m depth) with CTD on WHOI SeaSoar (8 knots to 300m depth) before heading south to their A4 station. Both parties are very pleased to have this intercomparison. Because of tight schedules and parting cruise tracks it will be the last opportunity on this cruise for both ships to meet again until we reach port on 19 December. We will update with a status report later. So far so good- low sea state and Sea Soar is flying well. All three surface moorings have been sighted. david k. young is kenneth h. brink is