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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 04:29:53 +0000 (GMT)

Report from Mooring Cruise 3 We have just completed final recovery of all five moorings from the Arabian Sea Process Experiment. All operations have proceeded without mishap, and we look forward to analyzing our year-long time series. All instruments were successfully recovered from the central WHOI mooring. In contrast to the first six months of the deployment, there was relatively little biological fouling. Fish bites were apparent throughout the upper 200 m. The UW-S PCM returned a complete six-month record, so year-long records of temperature, salinity, and velocity were realized for this site. Unfortunately, the UW-N PCM broke free during the SW monsoon. However the bottom portion of the mooring including all instrumentation was recovered. The two SIO moorings survived the monsoon intact except for several temperature pods which were stripped from the wire. All the retrieved temperature pods showed evidence of fish bite. The ADCPs and meteorological suite returned apparently complete records. XBTs were deployed on the hour during the transit out to the array site. Having completed our work ahead of schedule, we are making an XBT/ADCP line towards the coast, folowed by a line along the 1000 m isobath northward into Muscat. To everyone's pleasure, the no-fishing restriction for the area was lifted as the moorings were brought on board. A carefully devised sampling scheme resulted in a very fine dinner.
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