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Date: Sun, 20 Nov 1994 18:53:10 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Collegues;

We have completed all tasks of this cruise successfully at the midnight
of November 19. We are steaming back to Muscat. ETA Muscat is 0700,
November 21.  Highlights are;

1. We surveyed surrounding of 8 mooring stations using multibeam and/or
3.5 kHz sounders. Three very flat stations were surveyed only by 3.5
kHz. In addition we surveyed Owen Ridge and the southern slope of
Masirah Island by multibeam and 3.5 kHz.

2. Based upon the survey, we depoyed 5 sediment trap moorings precisely
at the desired depth and locations. Open/closing of All 33 sediment
traps in the Arabian Sea including German traps will be synchronized
with 17 days duration as of Nov 11, 1994.

3. All coring and mooring locations were coupled with physiological amd
sedimentological rational.

4. The coring program was also very successfull.  The total length of
the take-home cores is 152.5 m. We have successfully collected piston
cores and multicores from the ridge-crest of Owen Ridge and the maximum
OMZ depth of the slope south of Masirah Island.

5. Full-depth CTD and water sampling for hydrography and C-13 profiling
was completed at 11 stations as planned.

We have contacted with RRS Discovery on Nov. 19 and 20 for few times. 
Correction: The latitude of JGOFS #1 station is 57 50.85E instead of 51

Best regards,

Sus Honjo, Chief Scientist, on behalf of TTN-041 scientific party onboard
R/V Thompson, University of Washington.
Sus Honjo is