Cruise Update - Process Cruise 6 - TTN-053

Show these notes with Cruise Track included Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 17:05:18 -0500
Report from Process Cruise 6 We are in the last part of our first feature investigation before continuing with the JGOFS line. So far we have sampled Arabesque stations in the Gulf of Oman, and then crossed the front at Ras Al Hadd. UOR tow results and underway fluorescence, temperature, salinity, pH, and light scattering are showing interesting details of the front. We sampled JGOFS station 1 before departing from the JGOFS pattern for a brief sawtooth UOR survey of the front, using real time satellite imagery from Bob Arnone's system to guide us. Currently we are in an anticyclonic feature NW of the front for a 12h station, to be followed by a 1.5d frontal station (chlorophyll values at the front are about 8 mg/m3), then a 12h station SE of the front. The frontal evolution over the last 3 days will make for a very interesting story. We will then resume with the JGOFS station at 21o 11'NX 63o 33'E. The phytoplankton community north of the front was mostly small dinoflagellates and pennate diatoms. On the front, it is large diatoms, then the community changes to a more oligotrophic composition south of the front. Prochlorophytes are abundant just north of the front and out of the high chlorophyll water. Nitrate concentrations north of the front are <0.3uM. The ship's crew, marine technicians, and the HydroTeam are all marvelous, and the food is great. William M. Balch is