Date: Wed, 04 Sep 96 14:22

**R/V NATHANIEL B. PALMER** On 3 September, 1996 at 0000 GMT the ship's position was Lat. 54-17 South & Long. 173-45 West. Temp. 5.1 C. Barometric Pressure 1021.7, Winds from the West at 15-18 kts, Sea-Ice , none. They have reached the first waypoint in the JGOFS Site Survey Area. The first Drifter buoy will be deployed soon. During the first few days out of Lyttleton, the weather was bad with "25-35" ft. seas. From the vessels last report weather conditions were improving. With the improved sea state they are seeing an improvement in data quality. The Multibeam, Bathy 2000, and Gravity data look good. They have conducted a CTD cast, deployment went well, and the reports from the ship indicate the system worked very well. The ship began collecting Multibeam data 200 miles from the New Zealand coast. A SEABEAM Company Rep. is aboard to assist with technical operations and thirteen ping editors have been trained to maintain data quality control. **INCUBATOR SYSTEM** With a tremendous effort by Mike Hiscock (Richard Barber's Group) in the design of the closed loop incubator system, the components are on their way to New Zealand. ASA will assemble this system during the port call, Sept. 23-28th. Approx. 25 incubators will be plumbed into this closed loop system. **EXTREME COLD WEATHER CLOTHING** The following is a list of ECW gear that will be issued to JGOFS personnel in Christchurch for use aboard the vessel. Bag, clothing , orange Balaclava, polar fleece or wool Boots, rubber thermal Cap, yazoo Gaiter, neck, polar fleece Glove, leather w/ thinsulate lining Glove, rubberized Hat, pile knit Jacket, polar fleece Jacket, wind Liner, glove Mittens Pants, polar fleece Pants, Wind bibbed Parka, red Socks, tube, wool **Load Plan** ASA logistics and marine science personnel have been working up a load plan for the port call, Sept. 23-28th. We have compiled extensive cargo lists of material to be loaded in the Port of Lyttleton for the PROCESS I and MOORING CRUISE. Additional ASA personnel will be sent to New Zealand to assist in this effort. In an effort to keep all of you informed, I will be sending out progress reports which will outline vessel issues, general information, and other details which may be of interest. Thank you, Sincerely, Jon Alberts