Date: Mon, 25 Nov 96 03:10

RESEARCH VESSEL ICE BREAKER NATHANIEL B. PALMER WEEKLY REPORT, NOV 18-24 ************************************************************************ A. MANAGEMENT SIGNIFICANT ACTIVITIES- This marks our second week at sea in support of JGOFS/AESOPS Mooring Deployment Cruise, NBP 96-5. The week began with a transit of 525 nautical miles to the next station. This transit time was filled with preparation for each of the next 5 moorings. Sediment traps were finished, wire cable was spooled, and the aft deck was arranged. Planning meetings were held, and the science party was instructed in cargo manifest procedures. An Emergency Fire and Boat Drill was conducted as part of Edison Chouest's continued diligence to provide a safe research platform. Four stations were completed with the deployment of Mooring #'s 5, 4, 3, & 2, along 170 West. At each station an In Situ Pump cast, CTD cast, and Net Tows were done. TSG and SEABEAM data has also been collected. Each of the mooring deployment stations have required the contributions of many. One such group that deserves recognition are the officers and crew of the NATHANIEL B. PALMER. The engineers have been quick to solving problems with the winch and spoolers. The galley dept. have provided meals and refreshment during long 7-8 hour mooring deployments. The deck crew are always there to assist with arranging gear. And the Captain and bridge officers have skillfully piloted the vessel through the ice and on each station. B. PERSONNEL- No changes from last report. C. INFORMATION SYSTEMS- 1. All computer operations carried out successfully this week. 2. Produced numerous ad hoc plots for the science team, using GMT software. Also ran all scheduled daily JGOFS processing (including underway data plots) without incident. 3. Inventoried plotting supplies (with assistance from Yon); started inventory of computer tech. hobby room areas. Expect to complete this over the next few days. Submitted resupply request to MPC. Inventory of plotting paper and pens in forward dry lab and E-lab expected within days. D. LAB SERVICES- 1. Assisted in deployment of moorings. 2. Disposed of hazardous waste generated by the science groups. 3. Located and set aside supplies as substitutes for materials not available for the upcoming ROAVERRS cruise. 4. Coordinated preparation for cargo off-load. 5. Completed warehouse and retro manifests for NBP96-4A. 6. Began inventory of all ASA-owned gas cylinders on board, incorporating their serial numbers, volume, test dates, size/type and current TCNs. E. MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES- This week the Marine Technicians were kept busy assisting the Mooring group with deployment, set up, and recovery. Equipment standardly used during this cruise have been the CTD, in-situ pumps and one meter ring net, deployed from the starboard A-frame and the mooring arrays deployed from the back deck using the aft crane, a-frame and Lebus winch Other projects have been undertaken and completed. Panels for the electrical cabinets in the main lab were fabricated and installed, inventory and ordering for the MT's shop and welding chain stops on the mooring anchors. F. ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN- 1. Maintain Satellite Modem 2. Test and reinstall Hygrometer 3. Repair and test Current Meter for Science group 4. Provided ADCP data to Ch. Scientist. 5. Repair Port Wind Bird. 6. Assist in mooring deployment by tracking of radio beacon. 7. Assist with CTD casts as well as XBT's. 8. Updated ET files and backed up data files. G. CHARTER ISSUES- As mentioned above, Edison Chouest Offshore officers and Crew provided excellent service in all areas. Regards- Jon Alberts Research Vessel Ice Breaker NATHANIEL B. PALMER