Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 12:15:47 +1300 The R/V ROGER REVELLE sailed on schedule at 1600 hours, 2/13/98, local from the Port of Lyttelton, New Zealand. This will be the last JGOFS Southern Ocean Cruise for the Scripps ship. Dr. Wilf Gardner, Texas A&M, is the Chief Scientist leading the following scientific party. Erik Quiroz Mark Cook Katherine Krogsland Robert Masserini Dennis Guffy Bob Williams Stephany Rubin Heather Anderson Robert Olson Heidi Sosik Joe Orchardo Mary-Lynn Dickson Jay Peterson Juanita Urban-Rich Jan Gunderson Sarah Searson John Andrews Glenn Crossin Chris Measures Paolo Rossini Lois Breger Bonnie Mace Mike Hiscock John Marra Dave Nelson Julie Arrington Helen Quinby Dawn Castle Hector Nolla Karen Selph Ann-Maree White Rick Reynolds John Wieland The ship is scheduled to return on 3/19/98 to Lyttelton. As previously reported, the Inmarsat system is currently under repair, and at this point they will most likely not have e-mail on this cruise. Here are the Inmarsat phone/fax numbers to reach the ship if the need arises. Phone: 011-872-336-780020 Fax: 011-872-336-780021 Our attention now turns to the R/V NATHANIEL PALMER and the JGOFS Benthic Process Cruise. The ship is due into McMurdo on 2/20/98 and will sail on 2/25/98. Dr. Susumu Honjo, Chief Scientist. Best Regards, Jon Alberts