U.S. JGOFS (AESOPS) Southern Ocean Process Study
Optics - downwelling irradiance, upwelling radiance using MER 2040

AESOPS/NBP97-8 - Process 4 cruise aboard R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer

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Processing notes:
25 April 2002

David Allison and Greg Mitchell
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

These data are from the MER 2040 which consists of an underwater downwelling
irradiance (Ed) sensor, an underwater upwelling radiance sensor (Lu), and a
surface downwelling irradiance (Es) sensor at several wavelengths.

These data were originally processed by Greg Mitchell's Lab at Scripps
Institution of Oceanography. See Greg Mitchell for questions

Reference for processing details:
Mitchell, B. Greg and M. Kahru 1998. Algorithms for SeaWiFS standard products
developed with the CalCOFI bio-optical data set. CalCOFI Reports 39: 133-147.