U.S. JGOFS (AESOPS) Southern Ocean Process Study
Optics - transmissometer beam cp data

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Processing notes:
12 April 2002

David Allison and Greg Mitchell
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

These data are from the 2 Wetlabs c-Star 25cm transmissometers used on
the JGOFS NBP9711 profiling package: the 488nm c-star (SN CST-165B) and
the 660nm c-Star (SN CST-166R). The transmissometer data was collected
with a MER 2040.

Note that the "c" values are, in actuality, cp (particulate beam attenuation).
This is because the calibrations are relative to pure water.

These data were originally processed by Rick Reynolds (reynolds@ocean.washington.edu).


downcast and upcast files were processed separately.
The data have been:
a) corrected for MER A-D conversion
b) corrected for MER depth offset rel. to CTD-Rosette
c) despiked with 7-pt. median filter
d) smoothed with 7-pt. moving average
e) binned into 1m intervals (averages taken from +/- 1m nominal depth).
Values of -999 indicate no data in interval and are displayed as "nd".

The units for the beam attenuation are (1/m).
Each JGOFS station contains an up and downcast of data.