U.S. JGOFS (AESOPS) Southern Ocean Process Study
Optics - soluble absorption coefficients

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Processing notes:
25 April 2002

David Allison and Greg Mitchell
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

These data are from soluble absorption coefficients measured every 2 nm from 300 nm to 750 nm.

These data were originally processed by Greg Mitchell's Lab at SIO.
See Greg Mitchell for questions (gmitchell@ucsd.edu).
References to processing procedures are below.

The raw data was fit to an exponential and then that fit was used to calculate the fit dat presented here: as_fit(lambda) = a0_300*exp(-slope)

The units for the soluble absorption coefficient as are (1/m).

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Mitchell, B. Greg, M. Kahru, J. Wieland and M. Stramska 2002. Determination
of spectral absorption coefficients of particles, dissolved material and
phytoplankton for discrete water samples. In: Ocean Optics Protocols for
Ocean Color Sensor Validation, Revision 3, Part II. James Mueller and
Giulietta Fargion, Editors. NASA Technical Memorandum NASA/TM-2002-21004/Rev3 Vol2.

A PDF of the memorandum cited above may be found at the following url: