Measures notes and methods for trace metal concentrations


1. Iron (Fe) and Aluminum (Al) concentrations are in nmoles/liter 2. The filter column denotes whether or not the sample was filtered, and the filter size used (0 = not filtered; 0.2 = sample passed through 0.2 micron filter and 5 = sample passed through a 5 micron filter).


These samples were run using the methods found in: a) Measures, C.I., J. Yuan, and J.A. Resing, 1995. Determination of iron in seawater by flow injection analysis using in-line preconcentration and spectrophotometric detection. Marine Chemistry,50:3-12. b) Resing, J.A. and C.I. Measures, 1994. Fluorometric determination of Al in seawater by flow injection analysis with in-line preconcentration. Analytical Chemistry, 66:4105-4111.